The parish council website

Parish councils are increasingly resorting to establishing their own website to keep parishioners informed. Each month agendas for the next meeting of the council need to be published and shortly after meetings the last month's minutes are published.

To enable these regular publications to be made we provide a website that includes a Content Management System (CMS) that enables updates to be made easily, just by logging in to the CMS and copying and pasting material from MS Word or another word processor.

Minutes and agendas and other material can be added by the parish clerk or another person or we can add the material ourselves for you.

Our websites also include a search facilty and an RSS feed which enables parishioners to check whether new articles have been published.

Our intial charges for setting up a parish council website are very reasonable. We host the website for you and make a moderate charge for that service. The hosting charge includes maintenance.

Our costs are lower than other companies that provide websites for parish councils because website pages will not need to be updated by our company by accessing the website off-line. which is always more time consuming than using a CMS to add material.

Unlike other companies that offer a CMS based publishing service using a database like MySQL that is harder to use and involves extra costs. We use CuteNews which is a well established CMS designed especially to manage news.